Got Garden Pest Questions?

Have you been looking for answers to your garden pest questions that I haven’t answered on this site? How about any other aspects of organic pest control?

My ears are always open! Leave a comment below and let me know, and I’ll certainly do my best to answer your question! In addition, this will allow me to improve the site for anyone else who might want to know the same thing as you!

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29 thoughts on “Got Garden Pest Questions?”

  1. We have an issue with young radishes being pulled out of the ground and layed on the surface roots and all without the plant being eaten, whats up with that.. it happening in the greenhouse???voles wouldn’t they eat the plant??? wire worms???noo they would take the root… Birds? attacking insects and pulling up the plant….?

    get back to me

  2. Hello,

    What is a good way to get rid of ticks? I live in Virginia where Lyme disease is a real problem. We have a ton of ticks in our yard because the deer come through it. I would like to stop using harsh pesticides to rid them.
    I’m not sure how large your yard is, but here are some things that can help:

    Try an organic pest control yard spray. They make them that hook up to the hose and you apply to your yard. Here’s one that’s for all kind of yard pests: Yard Insect Spray.
    Remove tick traps. You know the spots ticks love. We have a pine tree that sheds tons of needles. If I don’t get them up, you can pretty much just thinking of walking past the needles and end up with a tick on you.
    Try guineas. They aren’t very cute pets, and sometimes a little noisy. But, they are great for getting rid of ticks.
    Also, if a tick attaches to you, make sure to save it in a sealed plastic bag. Write the date on the bag, too. If you have any symptoms in the next few weeks, you have the tick for the doctors to identify and test. Sounds gross, but it’s a great tip!

  3. I have something attacking most of my basil, eggplants and bell pepper plants. They’ve only been planted for about three weeks, but I’m seeing small holes in the foliage. Any idea who my plant eater is?

  4. how did the white worm get into my peaches? and how can i keep it from happening again ?

  5. Striped cucumber beetles took over my daisies last summer 🙁 I cut everything back in the fall, cleared out all debris and thought perhaps I had gotten rid of them until my daisies began to wilt over the weekend, and I’ve noticed the beetles on my plants. I read what you’ve posted about preventing cucumber beetles, but what do I do now that I have them again? Please, please, please HELP!!! Many thanks.

  6. Hi, I have something eating my pumpkin leaves. It looks like one of the big pictures you have on all your pages that changes everytime it refreshes. Anyway, what is it and how do I get rid of it? I have also seen tiny grasshoppers and they are eating my squash plants, I have not found a good organic solution to these, any help?

  7. what could be eating the leaves (stipping down to stalk) marigolds? I always thought bugs didn’t like the smell of marigolds?

  8. Hi!
    I heard that I can use soapy water to get rid of the aphids on my tomato plants, is this true? Will it harm the plants? I am low on funds, does anyone have any home-made pest control ideas for my veggie garden? I would appriciate any tips!


  10. I’ve got a VERY serious infestation of worms. They’ve completely decimated my broccoli almost overnight, and are starting to tear into my tomatoes, brussel sprouts, and corn.

    Any suggestions? All I know is that there’s two pests I can find: Some kind of caterpillar worm (which turns into white or yellow butterflies, judging by the amount around the area) and these tiny, very hard to see with the naked eye little bugs that bore holes in my tomatoes.

    I need some help, quick and bad! Save my garden!
    (I refuse to use non-organic pesticides.)

  11. I have ants I call harvester ants and I can’t figure out how to get rid of them.
    Last year they carried away my entire garden and all the plants in my flower beds. I don’t want to use anything that will harm my family or pets. What should I do?

  12. Please take a look at our website for information about controling ants (aphids, scales and mealy bugs) with our Gourmet liquid ant bait (1% DOT , a borate salt) and Antopia Bait Stations . It is certified for use in organic agriculture. Controlling the ants that protect the aphids, scales and mealy bugs, allows natural predators to regain control of destructive pests.

  13. How can I continue with organic gardening when I can’t find information on the internet. I have little green worms and I can’t even find a picture to tell me what they are and then what to do with them.

  14. What can I use to make sure there are no bugs in my plants before bringing them in for the winter? I’ve noticed some small gnats in the dirt of some of my herbs and my peace plants that I want to start bringing in soon. Can you help? Thank you!

  15. After living in my home for 25+ years I now have some cats in the planting beds (both sides of front door). Also some dogs using front lawn! Do I need to move? Dogs like the smell of urine – what would deter them – especially the shrubbery by the sidewalk. One of the “cat boxes” is bare, newly turned soil. For tonight I will lay out some aluminum foil. Are moth balls okay and do they work.

  16. I have a problem of black & yellow/green worms that destroy my Clivias, Amarillas and other little white lilies that I have.
    I dust them with Karbadust or spray them with Malathion, but they keep returning. Is there any other way to get rid of them? Will it help to plant Garlic plants?

  17. White flies on my tomato plants. What do you recommend? I have been spraying with a mixture of water, dawn dishwashing liquid, baking soda and vegetable oil. They are worse on my Roma tomatoes and have almost killed them.

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